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First Commercial Realty

State: QLD

Region: Brisbane-&-Gold-Coast

Suburb: East Brisbane

The first thing you will notice about First Commercial Realty is that we are a very different real estate agency. What makes us different? We don’t just talk about delivering; we actually deliver.

The First difference begins with Principal Licensee, Angelo Efstathis. Angelo comes from a background no other real estate agent can claim. He’s a second generation real estate agent; an end user of industrial, bulky goods and office properties via his Queensland Pine Group ‘Furniture in the Raw’; and he has spent the last 15 years as an active industrial, commercial and retail property developer.

Like many others who deal in property, Angelo found there was a lack of professionalism and motivation amongst the real estate agents he dealt with. His personal experiences inspired him to establish a real estate agency focussed on ‘real service’; one that truly puts the customer first.

That agency is First Commercial Realty.

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