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Childcare Sales Australia

State: QLD

Region: Brisbane-&-Gold-Coast

Suburb: Highland Park

Child Care Sales Australia is one of Australia’s leading resources for commercial childcare real estate. Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Child Care Sales Australia boasts a database of over 6,000 contacts and has offices throughout Australia.

We know the business of child care because our specialty is the business of child care . If you want to buy a Child Care Centre make sure you are registered to get our newsletters and regular updates for your State of our new child care centres and child care sites to buy.

Our specialist agents are assigned to specific geographic areas of responsibility so when you want to buy or sell your child care business you are dealing with experts in the field.

Child Care as a Business

Child Care Sales Australia is a leading provider of tenant/owner occupied and investment commercial child care real estate in Australia. With a reach that penetrates the furthest reaches of Australia, the business serves commercial real estate owners, investors, developers and brokers.

Led by Kevin Stapleton, National Licencee, Childcare Sales Australia is a multi-solution provider, offering conventional brokerage services, buyers and sellers agency agreements, and other flexible, structured services tailored to meet the needs of small to middle market and corporate businesses in the childcare industries.

We understand the business of child care, the Child Care Benefit payment system and the other peculiarities of the child care business.

Sellers Agency Agreements

Child Care Sales Australia uses industry standard Agency Agreements for your state and has a policy of accepting instructions to sell on an exclusive agency basis. So if you are interested in selling your child care business we have someone who wants to buy a child care business.
Buyers Agency Agreements

Representing the buyer, not the seller, Child Care Sales Australia represents clients seeking investment or an owner operated child care business. Whether the need is for a long term management or investment option, with or without finance, the Child Care Sales Australia team is dedicated to closing each transaction with speed and flexibility. If you want to buy a single Child Care Centre business or a portfolio of Child Care centres please call us to discuss the options.

Child Care Management Solutions

Child care is in a specialized industry, and at Child Care Sales Australia, we know that if we divert our attention from the industry even for a moment, leads are lost. So, at Child Care Sales Australia, child care is all we do.

You deserve nothing less. As an industry leader, Child Care Sales Australia knows that people need more than just a child care property to achieve success. At a time when you are likely to need it most, our clients have available to them, a suite of specialist Child Care Management Solution providers. Please email us if you need a referral to another Child care service provider. Don’t forget to check our Links page for management contacts either before or after you buy your child care business.

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