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Business Sales Australia

State: QLD

Region: Brisbane-&-Gold-Coast

Suburb: Oxenford

Business Sales Australia began operation in December of 2003. Our offices already boast many experts in the fields of business and commercial sales. Each has received several brokerage awards for professionalism, unique performance and exemplary client care. The Brokers are ably supported by our administrator who has many years experience in accounting, finance, law, real estate, commercial property management and private enterprise.
A combined total of over 200 years business experience sets the organisation apart from its counterparts. Our Brokers have successfully participated in many large and small business enterprises in their careers to date.
The experience and knowledge within the brokerage have evolved from the Brokers' extensive experiences in business: from very large, to medium and small. Each of the Brokers has owned his/her own company and therefore can proudly state that they have both broad and rich skills which they are eager to share.

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