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Jamieson Corporate Services

State: NSW

Region: Sydney-&-Central-Coast

Suburb: Sydney

Since 1987 Jamieson [Corporate Services] has been selling businesses in industries as diverse as importing, distribution, logistics, trade, professional services and manufacturing. The majority of businesses it has sold over this time have had annual sales in the range of $1m to $20m.

Jamieson is run by a professional team of experienced business brokers. Its principals are licensed as business agents by NSW Fair Trading and are members of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB). Jamieson is also a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW).

When contacting Jamieson you will only deal with the principals who remain hands-on throughout the sale process. This means there is absolute focus on selling your business as only a small number of businesses are selected and marketed at any time. So unlike most brokers the marketing and sales process is individually tailored to give you the best chance of success in a timely manner.

The practical experience of the Jamieson principals enables them to demonstrate to purchasers how they can achieve a good fit and profit from a business acquisition. This skill arises from their financial and technical background in general management, accounting, finance, technology, marketing and production and experience as industrial managers, directors and shareholders of medium-sized manufacturing and trading companies.

The Jamieson Process

The first step in exploring a possible business sale with Jamieson is for one of the principals to listen to your objectives. Jamieson then reviews your operations and financial records, assesses future prospects and risks factors and estimates the market value of the business.

Your business is presented in a concise information document prepared to present the business, its financial performance and value.

Potential purchasers are identified and interest is generated through a variety of means tailored to your business. These include in-house research to identify likely buyers, direct approaches and carefully presented website advertising.

Security is fundamental to the Jamieson process to maintain confidentiality of the business being advertised or privately offered.

Other Jamieson Services

  • Business Acquisitions
  • Business Valuations
  • Advice on preparing your business for sale to maximize its value

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